Nitrate and Perchlorate Contamination

Groundwater contamination is the result of years of over-exposure to nitrate, perchlorate and other contaminants in our earth’s soil. A limited amount of nitrogen is beneficial for the ecology of our soil and crops, but too much is a problem - potentially causing widespread health concerns.



BBF Biofiltration

Our BBF Biofiltration solution removes nitrates, perchlorates, organics and other contaminants from groundwater.

Under BBF’s anoxic conditions, indigenous microorganisms colonize in the bioreactor and consume nitrate and perchlorate, converting them into harmless byproducts such as nitrogen gas and salt.

Our highly effective biofiltration process also meets Federal MCL drinking water regulations.


Why BBF?

Energy-Saving, No Brine

Our BBF system uses gravity to naturally backwash the media bed, eliminating the need for pumping or mixing, therefore saving significant amounts of energy.

Our BBF Biofiltration process requires lower operational costs compared to other available technologies such as ion exchange, fluidized bed reactors (FBR), Reverse Osmosis (RO), etc.

The problem with Ion exchange as a popular groundwater treatment solution is the brine stream it creates. This brine still contains harmful contaminants, and still needs to be hauled away to a waste facility which equates to additional operating expense.


Design-Build and Capital Management

We have strong partnerships with leading engineering and construction companies, whom we team with and share a collective wisdom on every project.


Upcoming project site

Groundwater Remediation Project
Barstow, California

Title 22.png

The purpose of this project is deployment of two full-scale Biofiltration vessels (BBF) for the treatment of groundwater contaminated with nitrate and to confirm the water quality and energy savings. In addition the data will be used to attain California Title 22 water quality standards.

Meeting these standards will secure potable water supply for local residents in the long run. This project will offer demonstration and optimization of BBF filtration system for treatment of approximately 0.25-0.5 MGD contaminated groundwater. The lower flowrate has been defined to achieve simultaneous treatment of nitrate and perchlorate in the event that the perchlorate migrates to the proposed project site.

Many other features of the BBF system promote its low operation and maintenance costs. Its gravity-fed and floating media design is used for both introduction of feed water and backwashing without recirculation or media expansion, which minimizes the need for pumping. In addition, this semi-permanent, naturally floating media eliminates the recirculation pumping for an additional reduction in energy and operational cost. 





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