Vortex Air Flotation (VAF)

VAF is flotation technology using 10~60μm fine bubble, generated by spiral vortex flow.

  • High floatation speed and flotation efficiency
  • Variable bubble concentration and the size per different loading situation
  • Wide range of treatment loading concentration
  • Consistent treatment efficiency and stable operation
  • Energy saving and smaller foot-print

Micro-Bubble Production ProcessCon


Comparison with other DAF system

Parameter Other DAFs VAF Benefit
Bubble Size (μm) 10~100 5~60 Efficient floatation
Bubble per mL 10,100~50,000 50,000+ Efficient floatation
Retention time (min) ~20 10~15 Small size
Loading (m3/m2/hr) ~10 5~15 Customization
Recirculation % 10~120 50 High concentration
Pressure (kPa) 500~800 300~400 Energy saving
Air dissolution % ~80 ~95 High air dissolution

Vortex Air Floatation

Conventional DAF

vaf comp1.jpg

VAF & COWT for Livestock Wastewater Treatment

For conducting phosphorus removal (algal bloom control) from raw livestock wastewater and anaerobic digester effluent, VAF, FMX, and COWT are used in combination. Solids control is key for phosphorus removal from livestock wastewater, and these methods together allow for the removal of all levels of solids (from low to high solid concentration). The combination of these three technologies exhibit a unique synergy, with the VAF concentrated on large part removal while FMX is concentrated on small part removal.

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