AMX™ - Industrial High-Strength Nitrogen Wastewater


AMX™ for Livestock Waste & Digestate


Indiana’s new law has enacted stringent nitrogen regulations for dairy farms across the state. To mitigate the harmful effects of nitrogen in the environment, Indiana farmers are now required to remove significant amounts of nitrogen from manure or from the effluent in their digesters. Otherwise farmers need to purchase 10 times more land for their cows (the new law requires 10 acres of land per one head of cow). 

With decades of experience in livestock wastewater treatment, Tomorrow Water has developed a process utilizing AMX to remove nitrogen from the source or after anaerobic digestion.

Using AMX™ can offer a stable nitrogen removal solution with these benefits: 

  • Reduced footprint

  • Stable operation tactics

  • Economical solution

Tomorrow Water is currently conducting AMX demonstrations at BOS Dairy Farm in Indiana to meet stringent discharge standards for livestock wastewater.

AMX™ for Landfill Leachate

Tomorrow Water is currently conducting joint research with the Seoul Metropolitan Landfill, which is the largest in the world and produces 4600 tons of leachate per day. At the first zero liquid discharge (ZLD) landfill site in the world, AMX will serve as part of the water-energy portfolio, saving at least $3 million/year in chemical and additional power costs.


We are currently testing AMX for industrial processes at Samsung Electronics.