Hollow fiber meets anammox

AOBs, AMXs, and denitrifiers coexist and organic removal, conventional denitrification, and Anammox reaction are simultaneously carried out in one reactor. 

  • Using a membrane diffuser, supply oxygen needed only for nitritation

  • Denitrifiers (XHD) denitrify NO2 and NO3 using organic matter in influent

  • AMXs can be used to remove nitrogen through single-nitrogen reaction with NO2 generated by AOB from NH4 in the influent.

  • Maximize oxygen transfer rate (OTE 90-100%) to save energy


control the supplied oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentration

  • Supply only the amount of oxygen required for nitritation
  • Supply inorganic carbon required for nitrification and anammox reaction
  • Supply gas volume required for reactor agitation and biofilm thickness control