Bio-Algae Nutrient Removal (BANR)

The Bio-Algae Nutrient Removal (BANR) process is a GRI patented technology that allows nitrification and algae growth to occur in a single reactor. The dissolved oxygen necessary for wastewater treatment using the BBF is supplied through the byproducts of accelerated algal growth, for which the BANR process has overcome the limitation of sunlight dependency by employing LED light in the absence of sunlight.

BANR is a part of several new emerging technologies. Different species of algae are utilized in nitrigen and phosphorus removal as well as for energy neutralization in wastewater treatment plants. This is considered an effective organic pretreatment (BBF). Results of using BANR include CO2 reduction and resource recovery through algae production and reuse.


Tomorrow Water - BANR integration

  • Zero Energy & Zero Chemical consumption
  • Energy production through carbon diversion and biomass processing
  • By removing not only solid organics but also soluble organics, BBF ensures that new energy saving processes such as OBA and BANR, can work properly alongside WWF