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BBF is an advanced wastewater treatment technology that combines biological treatment and physical filtration in a single reactor. With over 50 references worldwide, BKT's BioFiltration (BBF) system is a versatile, innovative, and proven technology.

Our Flagship Plant

66MGD complete treatment train in Seoul, South Korea

The Largest Primary Filtration Installation in the World

Learn about the BBF system's unique treatment process. 

This artificial lake is fed by reused municipal wastewater treated using tertiary BBF technology in Incheon, South Korea.


BBF is a versatile biofiltration system that can be used as primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. BBF combines physical filtration and biological treatment. It can be applied from large scale municipal wastewater treatment to high strength livestock wastewater.


Generally, biofiltration technology is used for secondary and tertiary treatment. 

Tomorrow Water has continuously expanded the application of BBF to primary & wet weather flow treatment through upgrading our key components such as media and strainer blocks. Additionally, BBF can treat groundwater through strengthening of biological function of BBF. 

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With over 50 references worldwide, BKT’s BioFiltration (BBF) system is a proven technology capable of combining both physical filtration and biological treatment in a single reactor to comprise a versatile solution optimized for the treatment of municipal wastewater, groundwater, and high-strength industrial wastewater.

Previously certified for compliance with CA Title 22 water reuse regulations, BBF is not only suitable for the upgrading and retrofitting of existing wastewater treatment plants but also for integration into new wastewater reuse facilities. Recognized by WERF’s LIFT Program as a substitute for the primary clarifier, BBF can also remove solids and soluble organics for carbon diversion and to control wet weather flow.