BBF Operation


Operation Mode

  • Influent enters the BBF reactor from the top through the influent pipe and by gravity reaches the bottom and then flows upward through both media layers

  • Larger particles are filtered by the fixed media and the smaller particles, soluble pollutants and nutrients that pass through the fixed media layer are removed in the floating media’s biofilm

  • The treated water exits the reactor through the effluent waterway on top of the reactor

  • As the up-flow treatment process continues, headloss will be increased by the excess solid deposits

Backwashing Mode

  • Head loss is recovered by two backwash methods, gravity draining for sludge removal(fixed media) and air scouring for excess bio-mass removal (floating media)

  • Monitoring system (pressure gauge) triggers automatic backwash

  • During backwashing, the air scouring facilitates the removal of suspended solid and excess biomass from the media layer

  • Backwashing sludge drains through the backwashing channel

  • The treated water remaining over the upper strainer block will be used for backwashing driven by gravity