Municipal Wastewater

Primary Treatment


Proteus (BBF Primary) has a 65-80% smaller footprint than primary clarifiers


At Tomorrow Water’s 66MGD flagship plant at the Jungnang Treatment Facility in Seoul, South Korea, the footprints shrank for primary treatment by 80%, and the entire treatment process by 64% after the installation of the BBF process.

Using Proteus (BBF Primary), we can retrofit your old conventional primary clarifiers to save space, increase capacity and upgrade your process.

Carbon Diversion by Proteus (BBF Primary)
Less Aeration, More Biogas!

Grab more solids upstream of aeration basins and send them to digestors for maximum energy efficiency.

Finding ways to increase energy savings and energy recovery is a leading trend in the WWT industry. Carbon, originally used in nutrient removal as an electron donor, is now acknowledged as an important energy source. Current primary treatments can effectively remove solid organic, but not soluble organic materials. Soluble carbon removal is one of the most critical problems facing advanced biological treatment technologies today.

⇧ 20-30% INCREASE
in Gas Production

⇧ 10-25% INCREASE
in Secondary Treatment Capacity

⇩ 10-25% REDUCTION
in Aeration Energy