Sequencing Batch Reactor (BCS)


Tomorrow Water's customizable SBR (BCS) is a biological wastewater treatment technology based on a sequencing batch reactor (SBR), and is specialized in organics and nutrient removal. The BCS biological wastewater treatment system will provide the most cost-effective wastewater solution for small to medium sized wastewater challenges, and provide complete confidence in meeting discharge requirements, thanks to BKT's unique design and operating system

How BCS Works

BCS (BCS-K) is similar to conventional SBR in two ways

  1. Time-based operation for fluctuating influent characteristics

  2. Four basic steps including fill, react, settle, and draw & idle in a single batch reactor

BCS(BCS-H) is different from conventional SBR in three ways

  1. Intermittent feed: More stable operation by repetitive cycles between fill & react step before settling

  2. Ammonia inhibition prevention: Prevent free ammonia inhibition using bio-ceramic material with ion exchange function

  3. Treatment of high strength wastewater: Livestock wastewater, landfill leachate, septage, etc.

Configurations of BCS

BCS is similar to a typical SBR system. The following contents present the equipment installed for a BCS system and its role and functions.