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Organic waste, including livestock waste, causes two major environmental problems: water contamination and air pollution. We need to treat wastewater and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of methane to prevent harmful environmental and public health impacts.

Anaerobic digesters are able to extract methane from organic waste. The digestate produced from anaerobic digestion contains phosphorous and nitrogen. In dealing with the digestate, we need to either recover these valuable nutrients or treat to prevent water and air pollution.

Because of its high solid contents, it is very difficult to recover these nutrients from digestate unless there is an efficient anti-fouling membrane filtration system like our FMX.
With FMX, we can also enhance anaerobic digestion performance by returning concentrate back to the digester.

Also because it converted its carbon sources into methane gas already, biological treatment is not feasible, unless there is efficient biological treatment process such as our AMX.

We have devoted years to developing proprietary solutions for digestate treatment or resource recovery. The following process flow diagram illustrates three options of either recovering nutrients or biological treatment for the digestate.


  • High Value Fertilizer Recovery  with membrane filtration, FMX
  • Low-Cost Nitrogen Removal with Anammox, AMX
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Nitrogen Recovery
(Option 1)

Nitrogen Removal
(Option 2)


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