Energy Optimization System (EOS)


EOS is an energy efficient technology focused on improving existing municipal wastewater treatment plants by increasing their water flow, loading variation, oxygen supply, nitrogen reduction, energy cost reduction, and CO2 emission reduction. An effective software, in the format of feed-forward oxygen demand control, is utilized in this process, eliminating the dependence on sensors and being reliable and easy to maintain. It is also capable of taking in a large amount of data. A high efficiency hardware, such as the energy saving BKTurbo or high oxygen blower, can be integrated with the software as well.

Plant Advisor

  • Influent loading estimation tool using soft sensor and data mining

  • MassFlow for plant modelling and simulation using IWA ASM models

  • Scenario optimizer using optimization algorithm

  • Automation manager for pump and aerator

Chemical Optimizer

  • External carbon source control for biological nitrogen removal process

  • Effluent Soluble-P control for chemical precipitation process

Influent Advisor

  • Estimate the influent organic loading and reproduction of influent Q and C for WWTP operation

Activated Sludge Optimizer

  • Internal and external recycle pump control for BNR process

  • WAS pump control for SRT control

Aeration Optimizer

  • DO set-point optimization for Aeration control

  • Estimate the effluent NH4+-N

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