BBF Biofiltration

Groundwater Treatment


BBF Biofiltration solution biologically removes nitrate, perchlorate, selenium, organics and other contaminants in groundwater. 

Since BBF is a biological treatment, it destroys contaminants without creating brine that would otherwise be found in ion exchange or reverse osmosis (RO). With BBF, abatement cost for hauling and chemicals to treat brine is avoidable. 

Our BBF Biofiltration process requires lower energy costs compared to other available biological technologies. BBF makes the recirculating process unnecessary and uses gravity for backwash process. 

Drinking Water

Due to the presence of serious contaminants and potentially hazardous material in groundwater, there is an increasing threat to human health. Regions like the West and the Midwest with high concentrations of livestocks has already suffered from groundwater contamination. Facilities that use groundwater as tap water recognized the potential dangers of contaminants and has begun to put up warning signs to the public. 

As water becomes an increasingly scarce resource worldwide, both financial and environmental concerns have prompted escalating demand for groundwater remediation. Fortunately, BBF's highly effective biofiltration process can remediate contaminants such as nitrate, perchlorate, and organics to meet Federal Maximum Contamination Level (MCL).  



Because groundwater is susceptible to various types of contaminants, many of our aquifers have already been polluted. It is necessary to treat the contaminants before they reach active drinking water supply wells. Ex- situ bioremediation systems are the most effective solution to stopping contaminants such as nitrate, perchlorate, selenium, and organics from spreading.

By implementing our BBF system to the source of the contamination and separate points throughout the aquifer, the quality of the groundwater can ensured to meet Federal Maximum Contamination Level (MCL).


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