Low Cost Nutrient Removal

Indiana’s new law has enacted stringent nitrogen regulations for dairy farms across the state. To mitigate the harmful effects of nitrogen in the environment, Indiana farmers are now required to remove significant amounts of nitrogen from manure or from the effluent in their digesters. Otherwise farmers need to purchase 10 times more land for their cows (the new law requires 10 acres of land per one head of cow). 

High Strength nitrogen removal for livestock manure or digestate

With decades of experience in livestock wastewater treatment, Tomorrow Water is developing an innovative nitrogen removal process using our Anammox bacteria. The Anammox process can remove nitrogen from either from the source or after anaerobic digestion.

Tomorrow Water has many experiences with the problems farmers face themselves such as unstable dewatering system or expensive chemical dosing for coagulation.

Using Anammox Process, Tomorrow Water can offer stable and economical nitrogen removal solution with these benefits: 

  •  Reduced footprint
  •  Stable operation tactics
  • Economical solution

High-strength Nitrogen Wastewater

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.13.01 AM.png
  • Livestock wastewater treatment
  • Single-stage Partial Nitritation/Anammox (PN/A) System
  1. High NH4-N & NO2-N inhibition
  2. Effective inhibition prevention via intermittent aeration & NO2 monitoring


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