Tomorrow Water provides customized solutions for livestock wastewater management. Whether you are producing milk, beef, hogs, broilers, eggs or fish, Tomorrow Water can help treat your facility's liquid wastes. We offer a suite of technologies for a range of manure types and concentrations, balancing our treatment style to meet your needs and opportunities. Do you bed milkers on sand, but want to benefit from biogas subsidies? We've got you covered. Want to grow your herd but limited by crop nutrient uptake? We can solve that. Need a better way to manage egg wash without wrinkling the neighbors' noses? We can do that, too. Whatever your animals produce, let us help you squeeze the most value out of it. By using our tailor-made processes, you can:

  • Meet N & P Nutrient Limits

  • Eliminate Trucking & Spreading Costs

  • Reduce Lagoon Volumes

  • Produce Clean Energy

  • Eliminate Odors, Meet Air Quality Regulations

  • Recycle Nutrients

  • Recycle Clean Water (& Reduce Water Use)

  • Capture Greenhouse Gases

What sets us apart? Our scientists have developed a suite of brand-new innovations, which we integrate together with best-in-class legacy technologies to deliver maximum value to farmers and CAFO operators. Our experienced engineers are ready to design brand-new, cutting-edge treatment systems to maximize your efficiency, or retrofit your existing barn with the tools you need to stay in business. Take a look at some of the technologies that we use to keep you focused on producing:


Vortex Flotation for unparalleled solids separation & phos harvesting

BCS reactor

The aerated reactor that took over the Korean livestock waste market

Biogas plant

Produce renewable energy while eliminating pathogens and reducing greenhouse gas production

bead enhanced recovery system 

A complete process for transforming difficult animal waste into an attractive all-liquid fertilizer, green energy and valuable soil amendments

n-treat nitrogen removal process

Cut nitrogen out of waste streams while producing valuable biogas


Check out our reference installations 

Cooper Farm

  • Phosphorus removal from hog manure

Ringler farm

  • Hog manure treatment

T'haantje biogas plant

  • Digestate treatment

Modesto dairy farm

  • Dairy farm digestate




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