BKT Korea has recently completed development of the FMX‐C, a new model of BKT’s innovative FMX anti‐fouling membrane filtration system. Joining FMX’s four existing models, the FMX‐C customizes the current FMX system for use with a ceramic membrane to expand the product line’s versatility of application and range of capacity.

While the traditional FMX system already promises higher concentration than other filtration methods equipped with conventional polymeric membranes, introduction of the ceramic membrane in the FMX‐C can shift these concentration targets even higher.

Not only can the new FMX‐C provide effective filtration of high‐temperature or highly corrosive influent but it can also operate in severe conditions would corrode or degrade conventional polymeric membranes. Because ceramic membranes can tolerate elevated temperatures and withstand extreme pH and high operating pressures, the FMX‐C is suitable for many applications where polymeric membranes cannot be used, especially in handling acid liquid materials for the chemical industry.

Furthermore, the durability of the ceramic membrane material, coupled with the FMX’s inherent anti‐fouling features, lowers the frequency of replacement demanded and makes the FMX‐C ideal for in‐place chemical cleaning (CIP) with caustic inorganic compounds or steam sterilization at high temperatures.

Joshua Lee