Nalco Awards BKT Order For Specialty Membrane Filtration Equipment

Seoul, June 3, 2014

Global chemical company Nalco‐Ecolab recently placed an order for BKT’s anti‐fouling FMX membrane filtration system in order to integrate BKT’s innovative equipment into its colloidal product manufacturing process. Both BKT and Nalco‐Ecolab have conducted extensive testing over the past three years to prove the equipment’s technological feasibility and adaptability and to optimize the system for Nalco‐specific applications. As a result, BKT’s engineering team has been able to develop a customized FMX unit specially designed to meet the demands of Nalco’s production process.

Nalco is confident that the installation of BKT’s FMX filtration system will help improve the efficiency of its production processes while maintaining high standards of product quality. The FMX system offers a lower‐maintenance operating process when compared to using conventional membrane filtration technologies.

Since its initial introduction in 2002, FMX liquid‐solid separation technology has been a employed in many applications—including the oil and gas, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing industries—both in production processes and in wastewater treatment. The system is uniquely suited for applications in which membrane fouling is a significant obstacle to sustainable performance because its distinctive technology helps eliminate common membrane fouling problems and extend membrane life. 

Many large companies, such as Samsung Fine Chemical and CJ Group, have already adopted BKT’s anti‐fouling FMX system. Currently, FMX is seeing positive reception worldwide, with successful installations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and China, among others. Domestically, BKT has also collaborated with the United States Department of Energy since 2011 to adapt FMX technology for the reuse of shale gas produced water and is now in the process of finalizing on‐site tests for its mobile FMX filtration unit.


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