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Sidestream Anammox

Sidestream Anammox Process for Nutrient Removal 

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  • Municipal Side-stream Treatment
  • 2-stage Partial Nitritation + Anammox (PN+A) System
  1. Wide Range of Influent Temperature (Mesophilic to Thermophilic Digester)
  2. Low C/N ratio
  3. Low alkalinity
  • Stable operation via separate enrichment of AOB & AMX
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Streams such as filtrates, centrates, and digester supernatants make up only 1-2% of the total flow at WWTPs, but add approximately 15-40% of the nitrogen load to the mainstream treatment line.

With our Anammox Sidestream process, plants can decrease their operating costs by 15-40% and avoid costly violation fees.


Compared to conventional nitrification/denitrification (NDN):

  •  Reduces carbon requirements by 90% (for complete removal of inorganic nitrogen)
  •  Reduces oxygen requirements by approximately 60%
  •  Reduces biomass production by approximately 90%


Our versatile Anammox solution is a highly effective method of removing nitrogen from sidestream before returning it to the headworks.