Sidestream Treatment

At typical wastewater treatment plants, sidestreams are generated from the solid/liquid separation processes (e.g., thickening, dewatering processes). Separated liquid possesses high nutrients and is recycled back to the plant headworks, which impacts mainstream processes. It is reported that the sidestream could constitute ca. 15~25% of the total influent nitrogen load.

BKT's AMX will provide the most economical solution for sidestream nitrogen removal.

Towards a new era of resource recovery from wastewater, sidestream has become a valuable resource to harvest energy and nutrient. Anaerobic digestion is the center of the resource recovery from the sidestream. Maximizing energy harvest & sludge dewaterability and minimizing waste sludge volume would be the key goals for the sidestream.

Pretreatment of anaerobic digestion using BKT's Cyclic Organic Waste Treatment (COWT) would be the perfect solution to enhance sludge dewaterability, the bio-gas production at the anaerobic digestion.

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