Case Study

Song-Do, South Korea


Song-do Wastewater Reuse Plant

A new smart city or "ubiquitous city” constructed on reclaimed land along Incheon's waterfront, the Songdo International Business District performed a demonstration project for wastewater reuse after being selected as a nationwide model for water reuse and effective water utilization.

The planned water Reuse project included installation of a treatment facility with capacity of 20,000 m3/d, 15km of pipeline, and a booster pumping station. Completed in May 2015, the system has since been supplying reclaimed water.

Project Outcomes

  • Pollution reduction in the Incheon coastal area

  • Selection of Incheon as one of 12 “Water Champion” cities by the WWC (World Water Council)

Facility Details

  • Capacity: 20,000 ㎥/d | Area: 1,571㎡)

  • Treatment process: Chemical coagulation/flocculation + Bio-filtration (BBF) + Ozone Oxidation + Disinfection