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Tertiary Treatment

New Trends

Securing water resources is emerging as a global issue due to climate change. Treated wastewater is easily accessible and can be stable in quality and quantity, making it a high value alternative water resource. In order to reuse treated wastewater,  removal of nitrogen and solids is an essential step before advanced wastewater treatment process. 

BBF Benefits

  • BBF can further treat the nitrogen in secondary treated water
  • BBF can be operated under various water quality conditions and can ensures stable water quality through its filtration function (Turbidity <2 NTU)
  • Completed technical verification by the CA Title 22
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title 22 verification 

BKT’s biological filtration (BBF) system has been approved by the California State Water Resources Control Board as an alternative filtration technology for achieving the minimum turbidity level required under Title 22 of the California Water Recycling Criteria. Click the image below for more information.

case study 

As a pre-treatment option for Advanced Water Treatment Processes for the purpose of IPR/DPR, nitrogen is considered to be properly removed in order to minimize membrane bio-fouling.

• In comparison tests between MF and BBF pretreatments as RO feed, more rapid decline in flux was observed with BBF than with MF

• However, similar fluxes from the two technologies  were observed at steady state, indicating that comparable fluxes were produced in both trains

• If flux performance is enhanced, applying BBF as a replacement of MF for RO pretreatment will significantly reduce OPEX


Conducted by Professor David Jassby of University of California, Riverside

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