Vortex Dissolved Air Flotation (vDAF)


What is vDAF

vDAF (Vortex Dissolved Air Flotation) is a solids flotation technology which uses extremely fine (25~30µm) bubbles, generated by a combined Vortex Generator and Impact Nozzle. By eliminating saturation tanks and  separating pumping from gas enrichment, this system achieves higher gas:liquid ratios and a higher density bubble bed. As a result, the vDAF can achieve equivalent solids removal at <25% energy draw and a smaller footprint than competitors. Replace induced-air pumps or saturation tanks in new installs to achieve dramatically smaller footprints and energy bills, or retrofit existing DAF systems to boost the treatment capacity of your existing system by up to 60%!

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vDAF Benefits

The vDAF can achieve equivalent solids removal at <25% energy draw and <30% a smaller footprint.

  • High floatation speed and flotation efficiency

  • Variable bubble concentration and the size per different loading situation

  • Wide range of treatment loading concentration

  • Consistent treatment efficiency and stable operation

  • Energy saving and smaller foot-print

What is Vortex Generator?

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The Vortex Generator is a patented gas-liquid blending technology that enriches the DAF recycle stream with more air than conventional mixing systems. Since enrichment takes place instantly and independently of pumps and tanks, the Vortex Generator can enrich your DAF process with ozone for simultaneous oxidation and color removal, or CO2 for low-cost pH adjustment. Turn your DAF into a multitasking treatment system with our vortex generator system!

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