Innovation Beyond Waste Today
for a Cleaner World Tomorrow


Tomorrow Water is founded on a beautiful, environmental, and profitable process that seeks to minimize the global environmental impact of wastewater treatment while maximizing economic benefits through promoting local tourism, decreasing energy costs, and generating direct income sources in the form of carbon credits and advanced energy production.

Starting with a demonstration hub to collect intellectual and fiscal resources for upgrading the Tomorrow Water Process, Tomorrow Water hopes to establish the Tomorrow Water Process (TWP) as an industry standard in developing nations and then worldwide, preemptively mitigating consequences of natural disasters and global climate change.


UN Partnership for the SDGs

As set forth by the UN in 2015, Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to 

 “ensure availability and sustainable management of
water and sanitation for all,” 

For decades, Tomorrow Water has been passionate about solving environmental issues in various developing nations. Having obtained unparalleled understanding of the challenges and needs specific to these countries, Tomorrow Water feels deeply responsible for continuing the pursuit of innovative solutions for the sustainable management of water and sanitation worldwide.

The integrated Tomorrow Water Process (TWP) provides a truly innovative solution that addresses not only economic factors by generating profit and minimizing costs but also environmental factors by mitigating consequences of global climate change for tangible results under Sustainable Development Goals 6, 11, and 12.

  • Officially registered with the UN Partnership for the SDGs as the Tomorrow Water Initiative (#12177)
  • Endorsed by the Korean Partnership for the SDGs
  • Accepted as part of a 2016 UN ECOSOC High-Level Segment